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There’s nothing worse than being challenged with figuring out what you want to do with your life. I know I’m obsessed with beauty & youth, but I don’t feel that becoming a makeup artist or skin care specialist is my calling.

I’m so glad I joined this company. Please check it out. Just watch the video. It’s incredible!!!

I need more sex!!!!!

To those of you feeling generous… ;-)


Leo in Studying.

This is sooooo most definitely me!!!


Leo in Studying.

This is sooooo most definitely me!!!

Still stuck in the Midwest, but will be back shortly!

Still stuck in the Midwest, but will be back shortly!

I love this article - perfect for gay guys like me who are stuck in a small town.

Another thing I find very important as well is to keep your pride strong in taking care of your appearance. Being surrounded by people who are too suffocated by their routine, 9-5, small town life - who don’t give a flying f*ck about their appearance can easily make you apathetic about your own as well. Don’t give in! Always strive to be the best looking wherever you are - don’t be afraid to use foundation and concealer (as long as you make it look natural) - it really helps to keep your confidence strong. That’s the gay way!!

Time To Rebuild

I have decided that I desperately need to put my writing skills back to good use and start writing about daily lessons. I have been way too depressed for way too long, and I need to start expressing how I’m feeling. I don’t mean in a full-blown, over-dramatic, wine-infused expression of feelings, but just a very uplifting, encouraging manner of speaking.

I am very, very sad and upset to admit, but after 3 years of living in Los Angeles, I have been forced to move back home to Minnesota.


Laziness. I became way too lazy.

I am now back living with my parents (my ultra conservative, homophobic parents) in this small town in Minnesota with no vehicle, no job, and no money. Of course, I am going mad (understatement!).

Every time I found myself depressed while out there, it always gave me great comfort to remind myself that at least I’m not in the tundra of Minnesota - and that always gave me great relief. And now here I am - with winter right around the corner (*tear*).

One thing I am very grateful for is a strong belief system. There were many glorious miracles I experienced back in LA that always kept my faith and belief in the seemingly impossible working out in tact.

I took way too many blessings I had in LA for granted, and now karma has brought me back to this Midwest prison. However, I know what I want. I want to move back to Los Angeles and reunite with my best friend - all before the winter weather hits. How am I going to do that? I have absolutely no idea. Keeping my faith strong and believing that it ispossible is all I have right now.

For the time being, my blog will be all about the progress I make to accomplish my goals of getting my ass back to LA - with my best friend - and stay there this time.

Wish me luck!



I have to admit something.

Yesterday’s blog was a total joke. I didn’t get dumped but I LOVED all your messages.


Honestly though, thanks for all the sweetness yesterday. I was really overwhelmed from the array of…

I am almost 30, I’ve never been in a romantic relationship and experienced that kind of heart-break, and after reading these last couple of posts, I don’t regret that at all. I’ll probably feel different about it later, but DAMN, those are definitely some intense emotions I would prefer to avoid. I’m totally becoming a nun!!

One of my favorite scenes from Sex and the City.